Why It Will Work

Winning this bid will make Rugby League as the only national code with two teams in Brisbane. We would look to play 8 games out of Suncorp Stadium to allow us to have a connection to the growing Brisbane fan and corporate markets. To make sure that we are delivering a genuine grass roots strategy we would then look to take the remaining 4 home games to regional areas where a Brothers club is present, local council supports us and the sporting infrastructure is up to NRL playing and broadcasting standards.

This is places like Rockhampton, Cairns, Darwin and Mackay. While places which do not yet have the required facilities like Gladstone, Innisfail, Ingham, Toowoomba, Bundaburg, Ipswich, Logan, Wagga and many more can use the sporting infrastructure upgrades on a smaller scale creating jobs and opportunities across many regional communities.

What this means is that it is not just one huge investment to benefit just one area. This multi region, smaller investment strategy can be rolled out over several years as opposed to tight time frames and one-off spends, creating a long term avenue where Rugby League is the champion in creating real economic and social impact for many communities.

What Makes Our Bid Stand Out

It’s that emotional connection for or against that underpins the truly great clubs. Fans don’t just make choices to support clubs solely on where they live. Fans make an emotional connection to a club on what the club’s heart and soul is about.

What we are looking to achieve is being seen as a pinnacle representation of all Brothers clubs that unites, elevates and supports their own individual work. We will work closely with the Confraternity and feedback from all Brothers clubs in ensuring that we are upholding the correct values of Brothers at all times.

Brothers NRL will be able to deliver elite Rugby League to multiple regions. A team not defined by geography yet rooted emotionally and culturally to so many regions and to the very origins of this great game.

A team connected at the same time to the city and country . It will provide a real vehicle for regional areas to create job opportunities, and a social impact that is sustainable.